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Student Life

  • Pledges, Singing & Bible

  • Encouragement to know CHRIST 

  • Core subjects and fun electives

  • Wednesday Chapel

  • Inspiring guest speakers

  • Fun and educational field trips

  • Excellent 12:1 Teacher-Student Ratio

  • Special Events & Academic Competitions 


K4 & K5


Miss Guevara currently teaches the K4-K5 class. In this class, students will have fun learning basic phonic skills, penmanship, beginners math, social studies, science, and various electives.  The students can also look forward to exciting field trips and special events throughout the year!

1st & 2nd


Mrs. Mikayla Snyder teaches the 1st & 2nd grade. This class will be learning how to write stories, diagram sentences, and further their reading. In math they will be learning graphs, multiplication, and speed drills. They have special annual field trips planned such as visiting the Aquarium, Avila Barn, and the Santa Barbara Zoo!

3rd & 4th


Our 3rd & 4th grade students will be taught by Miss Abbi Humbarger. Her students will be taught core subjects at a higher level along with some newer elements. Miss Abbi's teaching strategy is to use interactive games in addition to traditional teaching methods to develop students understanding of concepts. This class also partakes in fun field trip opportunities!

5th & 6th


One of the many things your 5th & 6th grade class will learn from Miss Bull is how to give a presentation before an audience. They will also learn how to write research papers along with their continued development in core classes. Miss Bull is a big believer in reading, and she employs creative methods to help her students enjoy reading. She also loves doing various art projects with her students. 

7th - 12th Grade


Our Jr High and Senior High is taught by a collective team of teachers. Each morning starts off with Bible Class, followed by Math, Sciences, History, Speech, English and more. They also have access to various electives such as Digital Media, Home Economics, Finance, Peace, Auto, and Photography.

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